Fits on virtually all farrowing pens
Feed doser made of stainless steel with an accurate 8-position adjustment
Seamless supply hopper made from specially produced plastic
Easy to clean
Can be mounted inside and outside the farrowing pen
Capacity Height Width Installation
ZD10/450-BIE approx. 10 kg
approx. 13 litres
450mm 155mm Inside
approx. 10 kg
approx. 13 litres
450mm 155mm Outside
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Products - Sow doser
The Groba sow doser allows you to dispense feed optimally and benefit from the many advantages this system offers.
Your sows have access to small rations of fresh feed all day long. This ensures a better feed intake. The sows will also be calmer. You can enter the farrowing section at any time without disturbing the animals.

The Groba sow doser keeps your sows in top condition and reduces piglet mortality.

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